We accurately locate various facilities so that digging and construction can proceed safely
or to allow for a wide variety of engineering and mapping activities.

How Do We Help Contractors?

contractorsSewer lines, conduits, or other facilities comprised of plastic, clay, or tile are not locatable via electromagnetic methods and therefore not typically identified and marked in the field prior to construction activities. This is especially true for sewer laterals which in most cases are considered “customer owned” past the property line and therefore not located as part of the state One Call process.

The SewerPros will utilize various pieces of equipment and our vast experience to accurately locate these facilities so that digging or construction can proceed safely, or to allow for engineering / mapping activities. The SewerPros can save you countless hours and expense.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

Sewer Line Locating
We can locate the general depth and direction of the sewer line before construction begins to help avoid damage.
Pinpointing Damage
Knowing exactly where the damaged sections are can help you avoid unnecessary digging which will save time and money.
Quick Scheduling
We know time is money, so we will get you scheduled as soon as possible to help avoid any delays to your project.
We Work With You
Helping you provide the best service to your customer is our only goal. Since we do not do any repair work, you can rest easy knowing that we are not there to poach your customers.


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They were able to get to my home within 2 hours. Kyle was the service man and did a great job. He explained everything he was doing, worked quickly, and also gave great advice on how to prevent any further kitchen sink clogs. Great company! Great staff! Would highly recommend in the future.

Kevin H.

Fast, friendly and reasonably priced. Rick and his helper were great. Highly recommend.

Laurens R.