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The SewerPros will gladly partner with you and schedule the camera inspections at the same time as the home inspection.
You gain insight regarding your client’s main line through our high-quality videos and electronic reports.

How Do We Help Home Inspectors?

HomeinspectorsA sewer inspection is specifically tailored to complement the home inspection process. The equipment that makes this possible is a flexible rod connected to a high-resolution camera which transmits video from the sewer to a monitor above. The videos and pictures of the sewer line are then prepared in a report that will be emailed to you and your agent.

A sewer inspection is a very important influence in your decision to purchase a home and can easily be scheduled either through your home inspector or by contacting us direct. Clay and cast iron piping was used extensively up into the mid-1970s for sewer lines. From then on most piping was converted over to PVC. The older rigid clay and cast iron pipes have a greater risk of breaks, cracks, offsets and root intrusion at the joints.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

Identify Costly Problems
Running water during an inspection may help identify a complete blockage but will not let you know if the sewer has significant damage in most cases.
Protect Your Clients
Offering this additional service will help ensure your clients will not be stuck with an unexpected expense after they move in.
Convenient Scheduling
We can be scheduled at the same time as the home inspection which saves time and hassle for everyone.
We have successfully partnered with dozens of home inspection companies so they can sell our service to their clients.


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Rick was awesome. Super professional and really problem solved to get us want we needed! He fixed what another plumber was unable to accomplish after two visits.

Amanda H.

As a home inspector, I always recommend Rick from Sewer Pros to our clients. He is very knowledgeable and provides a great customer service. Easy to schedule, and great video reports. Highly recommended.