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A sewer inspection is very important in influencing the decision to purchase a home and can
easily be scheduled either through your home inspector or by contacting us.

How Do We Help Real Estate Agents?

realestate_agentsHaving had close working relationships with real estate agents for many years, we at The SewerPros do our best to understand the demands you face with the tight timeframes and negotiations involved with a real estate transaction.

We also perform camera inspections for your listings as some agents like to be proactive and advise their sellers to have the main sewer line inspected before a buyer makes an offer to purchase their property so they are informed up front as to the condition of the line. The report is available to view online for 90 days and both the reports and videos are available for you and your clients to download and keep for your records.

What Are The Benefits Of This Service?

Convenient Scheduling Options
We make scheduling easy by allowing you to schedule our inspections by phone, online or through your favorite home inspector.
Providing Reliable Services
We arrive during your buyer’s building inspection in order to meet your clients, explain the sewer inspection and answer any questions.
Unbiased Opinion
We do not do repair work so you can rest easy knowing that like you, we are looking to protect your client’s investment.
Timely Inspection Results
We will email your buyer’s inspection report the same day to both you and your client making it easy to share with whomever you like. Want to share the report with anyone? Just forward the email, it’s that easy.

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Happy Customer Testimonials

We are Real Estate agents and have used The Sewer Pros numerous times for our buyers as well as having their services provided by buyers of our listings. So we have been on both sides of the inspections. I have found them to be professional and able and they communicate well.

Brian F.

We've used them two times with very good results. The first was an inspection of our new home, which included a video of the sewer inspection. Recently, we had a sewer backup and they came after hours for emergency service... they were fast, friendly and reasonably-priced. Our tech., Brandon, was very helpful in explaining things and determined to help us out. I am rarely this pleased with a service company, but these guys were very professional and made a difficult situation turn out as good as it could. Thanks.

Chris M.